Fertility Myth

There are several fertility myths out there that you should stop believing. We have listed out some common myths that you think are preventing you from having a baby.

Myth #1: Fertility Issues Are Only Women’s Responsibility

Since both the male and female partners are accountable for the process of conception and childbirth, either or both can have reproductive issues. For instance, in men, the older they get, the higher the chances that they have a lower sperm count or even lower testosterone levels. But in majority of the households, women are blamed for infertility.

Myth #2: Medications Cannot Affect Fertility

It does… Your fertility may drop if you’re taking certain medicines. A medication may affect the ability of a woman’s body to ovulate (release an egg) or a man’s sperm count, believe doctors. Hence, it is of utmost importance to inform your gynecologist about your diseases, therapies or any other purpose for which you are taking medicines.

Myth #3: Pills Make You Less Fertile

Your friends or family members must have warned you about not taking the pill too long, as it may delay pregnancy, but, luckily, that’s a myth. No studies have found any concrete evidence that taking the contraceptive pills have a direct impact on infertility.  There may be other reasons and we are here to find out and stand by your side.

Myth #4: Certain Foods Can Reduce Fertility

There’s a common belief that certain foods rich in healthy fats, like avocados and coconuts decreasing fertility. Yes, your doctor may suggest you to reduce your intake of certain foods for high blood sugar and insulin levels, as these may affect your pregnancy indirectly. However, no specific food can reduce chances of getting pregnant.

Myth #4: Coffee, alcohol & smoking has no impact on my fertility

Your coffee tastes great, and a glass of wine every day may boost your spirit… But not when you plan to conceive. Caffeine can decrease fertility, so do limit its intake. And that applies to caffeine in tea, colas and chocolate. Drinking alcohol may also reduce your sperm count. So reduce consumption to see a brighter future. Smoking causes infertility in both male & female.

There are many more myths. When you are with us we can clarify those and show you the truth.