Success Stories

At Sparsha, we strive to do the best for our patients. So, their feedback is extremely important to us. Here’s what we hear from some of our happy patients.

“My husband and I are ever grateful to Sparsha. We tried a different clinic and had failed attempts at IVF before coming to Sparsha. After my second IVF cycle at Sparsha, YW, I became pregnant, despite having polycystic ovary syndrome. The doctor here treated me as an individual, and the cost was extremely low. Thank you Sparsha.”

Malini Sarkar, Housewife, Birati


“My wife had two failed attempts at another clinic. It was then that a friend recommended us to try Sparsha. The centre’s personalized approach really ‘touched’ our hearts. Once the treatment started, it worked like miracle. My wife conceived on her second attempt at the clinic and I will soon become a proud dad.”

Mohit Gupta, Businessman, Nager Bazar


“Two years of our marriage and several successful attempts to conceive, we realized childbirth may not happen to us naturally. We were stress, almost lost hope when we found Sparsha Infertility Clinic that changed our life forever. Today, we are so happy, because we are parents of beautiful baby boy! Thanks God, Thank you Dr. Bramha for making our dream come true.

Noor Islam and Runa, Dum Dum

“We thank God every day for our beautiful and healthy daughter. We feel so fortunate to have found Sparsha team as part of our life’s journey. Their constant care, love and support showed us the light after losing all hopes. I would recommend Sparsha to anyone going through infertility. May God bless them all.”

– Mr & Mrs Debnath, Silchar

“After several unsuccessful attempts at becoming pregnant, we promised to find a clinic that could really help us achieve our family planning objectives. It was then that a friend informed us about Dr. Bramha and upon landing there we got not only the best treatment but also moral support and compassion. Today, we are eternally grateful for our happy and healthy son. Thank you Sparsha.”

– Sudipa and Tapas Nag, Rajarhat

“Dear Spasha,

Thank you so much for your care and support. During our time of crisis, it was your smiles, support and needless to say, expertise that brought such a big difference to our lives. Today, we are proud parents of healthy and hearty twins. THANK YOU!
Love and best wishes,”

– Mr. Rakesh Arora and Mrs. Dolly Arora, New Town

“The supportive and caring attitude of all of the staff at Sparsha made me feel at home. We heard that the infertility road was dotted with challenges, until we met Dr. Bramha and her expert team, who made us feel that support is what a couple needs in order to fulfil their dream of having a baby … and they were so right!”

– Sarfaraz Sheikh and Fatima Sheikh, Dhaka

“When we decided to have a second child, we thought it would be just as easy to conceive as with the case of our first. However, we had a real tough time. My first consultation with Dr. Bramha was very promising. With her guidance and the rest of the wonderful staff at Sparsha, my husband and I discovered we were expecting our second child. It was a beautiful miracle. We will always treasure our experience at Sparsha!”

– Caroline and David Gomes, Port Blair

“After having a dissatisfying experience at a reputed international medical center, we came across Dr. Bramha. We thought every window of opportunity was closed for us and we lost all hope. But Dr. Bramha assured us not to give up as there’s still hope! Although it was a little painful process for me today, we are proud parents of a beautiful daughter and can’t thank Sparsha enough for all the miracle that happened!”

– Moumita Choudhury, Agartala

“After nearly five years of fertility struggles, my husband and I found a relief in Sparsha when we met Dr. Bramha. Within weeks of our visit, I conceived and now I am 16 week pregnant! I would like to say a big thank you to Dr. Bramha and her specialized team who’s providing us every kind of care and support.”
– Payal Singh, Siliguri

“We are so glad we chose Dr Bramha. She’s definitely one of the best fertility doctors in Kolkata. The nurses and staff there are very helpful and professional. My whole IVF treatment lasted for about 3 months. Doctor and other medical staff were so supportive that made the entire journey of pregnancy smooth and hassle-free.”
– Keya Chakrabarti, Sodepore

“After years of struggles to have a child, my wife and I met Dr. Bramha. While we lost all hopes of becoming parents, she not only gave us hope but also proved that dreams really do come true. My wife has given birth to a healthy and beautiful girl child. Today i am the proudest father. The professionalism, expertise to personalized care by the staff, we feel indebted. Thank you so much Sparsha!”
– Ayaan Hossain, Bashirhat

“After an injury a few years back, when I learnt I may not be able to conceive, I was devastated. Also my husband and I did not have the money to afford expensive fertility treatments. It was then that we came across Sparsha IVF clinic, which completely changed our lives. We had complete faith in the doctor and nurses as my treatment progressed. Our one year old healthy daughter today reminds us daily that miracles do happen.”
– Mimi Basu, Bongaon

“Words cannot express how grateful we are for everything the medical staff at Sparsha has done in helping us achieve the greatest gift ever. Dr. Bramha gave us hope, when we thought all was lost. Her expert guidance and the compassionate attitude of the staff helped us achieve our dream. Today I am 18 weeks pregnant and can’t wait to become a mother!”
– Sangeeta Agarwal, Habra

“My wife and I got so much of care and attention in the entire reproductive process that we felt we are part of a truly amazing family. We have been blessed with a boy child, who lights up our lives. We consider Sparsha a huge part of our lives and I would recommend Sparsha to any couple going through fertility needs.”
– Partho Ghosh, Berachampa